Sunday, December 27, 2015

Oh There You Are...

Hi ya'll,

So I made it back from that far  FAR away distant land of no crafting and sharing!


I'm glad to be back, this post will be pretty short, as I don't have much to chat about.  I have made a few new process videos, and got a few older ones edited and uploaded on my YouTube Channel ~~ I've linked to my channel below.

Thanks for hanging in there, I hope your 2015 shaped up the way your hoped it would, and I look forward to our journey into 2016!!!!



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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

HELLO....HELLO.....Anyone there??


Yes, I am back on the scene!  Whew, I can't even believe the hiatus I had to take...shucks, after this long I think it's called a sabbatical. :)

Dreaming of destinations I would like to be like

Alast, a more accurate depiction of my life is more like...


But all is going to be okay, the dust is settling and my routine is forming so I should be right back to sharing and posting now.

For any and all that have missed me, thank you! XOXO! The feeling is mutual. I'll be posting some of my projects later this evening.

Until then....TOOTLES! ;)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Simon Says Stamp - Oct. Kit "Here's Looking At You" Card #3 & 4

Hey there party people,

I'm back to quickly share a couple of more cards I made with Simon Says Stamp card kit for October.  I'm really loving this kit!

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Also, check out my challenge and giveaway, I'll link to the post and video below.



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Simon Says Stamp - Oct. Kit "Here's Looking At You" Card #2

Hey party people!

I back to share with you a card I made from the October Simon Says Stamp card kit.  I will link below to the process video I made for this card.

I'm really loving the kit this month, is mostly My Mind's Eye. Their My Story collection, that is really fabulous ( I think I'm going to have to pick up more)
Anywho, I hope you enjoy and get inspired, please check back for more cards and other crafting goodiness :)



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Saturday, October 10, 2015

25 YouTube Subbies!! Challenge & Giveaway - Extended!

Hey y'all!

I'm so excited to host my first giveaway!
I love sharing all my work with this community, and I'm just tickled pink that people like what I do and want to see more.
As a thank you I'm hosting a challenge and giveaway, the details are listed below!


Hope you subscribe & participate!

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Scraptastic Sept - LO#5 - Hello Little One

Hey ya'll,

I am back with another Scraptastic layout to share.  I love this layout because if features my adorable little God-daughter and all her personality.

Everything I used is from the September Scraptastic Skinny Love Kit & Add-on, and a few tidbits from the Centerfield Add-on.  I did create a process video for this layout, and I have linked to it below.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Process Video - Sept LO#4 - Hello Little Birdie

Hey ya'll,

Man, I am so happy to be back to my crafting, it's only been a few days...but life as been so busy; I am loving my crafting detox.

This is another layout from my Lake Havasu trip, I think it's the last one, so if you tired of it...don't worry this should be it ;)
It's funny, I think this is the longest series of layouts featuring me, I'm always scrapping pictures of family or friends. #selfielove

Anywho, I'm using the Scraptastic Skinny Love kit & Add-on, with a few embellishments from the Centerfield kit.  All of the supplies and kits are listed and linked below.

I've also linked to the process video for this layout on my channel on YouTube.



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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Scraptastic Sept. LO#3 & Process Video


I'm here with you again to share another layout I created with the fantastic Scraptastic September Skinny Love kit & Add-on.

Everything I used on this layout was exclusively from the kit, and I go through all the supplies in my process video.  I've linked to my video on my YouTube channel below, so check it out and subscribe if you like.

This is another photo taken on my Lake Havasu trip a couple of weekends ago.  I'm really looking forward to getting all these scrapped so that I'm in the clear, because I have a birthday trip coming up and want to make sure I'm ready.

Leave a comment if you like, I always love to hear from folks, and check by for more inspiration.  Oh and for more info on my giveaway, that I promise is coming real soon.

I'm just getting the prize pack and challenge criteria together and my days have been pretty hectic.

Anywho, enjoy...

Process Video


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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Simon Says Stamp - Oct. Kit "Here's Looking At You" Card #1

Hey ya'll,

So I've been watching YouTube video of people's fantastic cards using the SSS card kit, and I have literally been seething waiting for mine to come...AND IT DID!!

I love this kit, and I really love the die cut that came in it, so below is the first card I've made, I wanted to share it's a little different than my norm, which I suppose it a good thing.

I feel really challenged and inspired by this month's kit, I might break down and buy the collection, I adore the papers.

Hope you enjoy and are inspired, I've linked to the card kit below.

Here's the SSS video introducing the kit for October.

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Process Video - Scraptastic Sept. LO#2

Hey ya'll,

I was able to remember to cut on my camera. YAY!!  This is the second layout with the fabulous Scraptastic Skinny Love Kit & Add-on.

This picture was taken on my trip to Lake Havasu.  I decided to make it B&W because the background and my clothes really clashed with the colors of this kit.

I printed the picture on my Canon Selphy CP910, which I LOVE!

I've linked to the process video  and the supply list below, check it out!

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