Sunday, December 27, 2015

Oh There You Are...

Hi ya'll,

So I made it back from that far  FAR away distant land of no crafting and sharing!


I'm glad to be back, this post will be pretty short, as I don't have much to chat about.  I have made a few new process videos, and got a few older ones edited and uploaded on my YouTube Channel ~~ I've linked to my channel below.

Thanks for hanging in there, I hope your 2015 shaped up the way your hoped it would, and I look forward to our journey into 2016!!!!



Check back for more!


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

HELLO....HELLO.....Anyone there??


Yes, I am back on the scene!  Whew, I can't even believe the hiatus I had to take...shucks, after this long I think it's called a sabbatical. :)

Dreaming of destinations I would like to be like

Alast, a more accurate depiction of my life is more like...


But all is going to be okay, the dust is settling and my routine is forming so I should be right back to sharing and posting now.

For any and all that have missed me, thank you! XOXO! The feeling is mutual. I'll be posting some of my projects later this evening.

Until then....TOOTLES! ;)