Wednesday, January 1, 2014

This is my first time...

So I'm going to start off with where I'm at now.

I once heard somewhere that people have addictive personalities.  That no matter what if someone has an addictive personality this will be addicted to something or somethings in there life albeit drugs, alcohol, sex, rock n' roll...gambling, shopping, porn...what have you.  A person can kick one addiction, perhaps one that is self sabotaging and endangers themselves, such is crack or meth, and almost immediately become addicted to something else in there life (let's hope it's more positive) like shopping or fishing or some shit, pick it...the point is that some with this type of personality is quite frankly floating through life looking for their next addiction.

I have come to terms that I am one of those people, there is alway one thing after another that I am completely obsessed with and totally addicted to.  Some things don't last very long, mostly for financial or health reasons, and other have lasted way longer than I thought they would have.

So in 2014, I'm starting this year by embracing and sharing my current addictions, and salivating to see what this and coming years holds.

Right now by biggest single addiction is scrapbooking, much like a drug, I dabbled in it a long time ago when I was an under-developed me, and now have completely jumped off the deep end.  In a short amount of time, I have racked up quite a collection of paper and embellishments and adhesives and whatever else I need to jazz up my photos and memories, and a credit card debt to match.  But, I am enjoying it, it appears to be here to stay for at least a while...I feel that way because like any good addict I have been able to get other addicted also! I mean c'mon, no one wants to be all alone in there cracked-out world, you gotta always have a pal or two.

My next pretty heavy addiction would have to be Hello Kitty...
Oh good lawd, I really thought I would have been over this by now, but man it seems to be hanging in there.  I mean, I'm a grown woman, but you take one look at my car or my desk at work or my room and you would think that either a pep to-bismo crate has exploded, or that a 6 year has her own car and a full time job.  Eh...but whaddya gonna do, I mean it is what it is and I am lovin' it!  I have car mats and steering wheel covers, and wine bottles and dozens of phone cases and coffee mug, and stamps and pencils and pen and letterheads and oh so many damn notebooks!  Oh it's awesome!  I am sure I have put many a little Japanese children through school on the amount of dough that kitty has been able to get outta me.

A close follower to the Kitty Wagon (which BTW is the name of my car) would have to be the oh so delectable Venti, extra shot, White Chocolate Mocha Latte, with Soy and no whip!  I just can't stay away from that little green monster, even though I'm paying 9 bucks for coffee, I have it any time I can get my grubby little fingers on it.

Those are the staples of my day-to day!  That's what makes up JVP...however I truly believe that these vices are the same as every other being on the planet, therefore I hold my head up high, as I leave the scrapbooking store, with my coffee in hand and hopping into my Kitty Wagon.

Which leads to my next fix... my girl BEYONCE!!
OMG, I have a girl crush, I really do believe that if I were ever to meet her in person, I would completely faint like I was 12 or something!  Oh and her new album... oh it's absolutely fantastic!

Well, I'm going to end this here for now...but we will get into more of me and my addictions soon


It only gets better...follow along!